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Program Management:

Summit provides the right knowledge, tools, data, analysis, collaboration, and process needed to benchmark, develop, implement, and manage your company’s relocation policy. Decisions based on a strong foundation translate to an efficient, cost effective, yet competitive policy. A well defined written policy, process and expert Personal Move Manager demonstrate the first impression that your company cares about their most valuable assets; their employees and their bottom line. Our Program Management services include:

  • Policy Benchmark (more)
  • Is your company’s relocation policy competitive? Is it an effective recruiting and retention tool? Does it help your employees have a positive experience, move quickly and seamlessly so they focus on the job? Summit knows the answer! We benchmark your policy benefits, costs and procedures with industry trends to provide a foundation for your policy review and development.
  • Policy Development (more)
  • Summit will provide your company with expert consultation and custom policy design services delivering an effective tiered relocation policy based on your company’s culture, needs, and budget. We emphasize policy consistency and establish communication tools, process, and follow up support while you implement your new relocation program.
  • Cost Projection (more)
  • Summit’s extensive relocation management experience enables us to provide our clients with accurate cost projections based on corporate relocation policy tiers and benefits. These projections can be extremely useful when determining relocation budgets.
  • Policy Implementation (more)
  • Once your policy is defined, Summit will provide a written guide, process, team of suppliers, and a dedicated Personal Move Manager for each transferee.
  • Personal Move Manager (more)
  • Summit’s Personal Move Manager acts as an advocate and single source relocation consultant for your employee and their family. Your Personal Move Manager is also the Team Manager for a select group of relocation suppliers assigned to your employee. The Move Manager is adept at policy consultation, collaboration, and coordination. The Move Manager often acts an extension of your Human Resources department to blend corporate boundaries and individual empathy to deliver your policy.

    We understand relocation is fragile and Summit handles with care. Equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise Summit’s Personal Move Managers are both licensed Realtors and Certified Relocation Professionals. Each Move Manager is supported by a Relocation Associate and Management team of creative and proactive thinkers who find solutions and make a difference to you and each transferee.

  • Supply Chain Team Management (more)
  • Because we work for you, Summit remains free of obligatory networks. Instead, we develop and manage teams of suppliers who compete for the business vs. buying it. We will put your best interest first while establishing strict selection criteria resulting in increased service, lower costs, and seamless process.

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