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Financial Management:

  • Expense Management (more)
  • Centralized Expense Management Services Include:
    – Credit Cards and wires are options to expedite and control specific expenses.
    – Lump Sum Calculation
    – Expense Reimbursement includes audit to ensure policy compliance
    – Expense Tracking and Reporting by Department
    – Exception Reporting
    – Tax Gross Up Calculation. Many employers offset the employee increased tax liability from relocation benefits by “Grossing Up”. Grossing up is the action of calculating and offsetting the tax burden associated with reimbursed expenses that are deemed taxable by the IRS.
    – End of Year Tax Reporting
  • Lump Sum Calculation (more)
  • Lump Sum has increased in popularity due to cost-savings realized from ease of administration, budget controls, cost projection, and employee satisfaction. Summit will help customize your reimbursement program to be realistic, consistent, and competitive.
  • Reporting (more)
  • Summit understands the value our clients place on accurate reporting of relocation costs. Our client companies can enter through an online reporting portal providing them access to real-time cost and status data in a private and secure setting. Additionally, Summit sends regular interim reports to our clients providing the client with cost-to-date figures by transferee, department, or region.
  • Cost Projections (more)
  • Summit’s extensive relocation management experience enables us to provide our clients with accurate cost projections based on corporate relocation policy and benefits. These projections can be extremely useful when determining relocation budgets and managing expenses.

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