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  • Home Marketing (more)
  • Our mission is to protect the investments of you and your employee! Relocating and selling a home has a major impact on your transferee and their family. Our Home Marketing Assistance program is effectively designed to assist your employee in acquiring a sale for the highest price in the shortest time possible. Summit competitively works with all brokers nationwide, but remains free of network obligations. We expertly analyze market conditions and use effective tools to guide your transferees to make the best upfront and ongoing strategic decisions that result in lower marketing time, reduced carrying costs, and increased employee satisfaction. This allows the employee to move quickly, focus on their job, and maximize productivity.
  • Home Sale Services (more)
  • In order to meet your corporate needs, Summit offers diverse but traditional home sale solutions combined with the home marketing assistance program. These include:
    – Buyer Value Option (BVO)
    – Guaranteed Buyout Option (GBO)
    – Amended Value Sale (AV)
  • Household Goods Movement (more)
  • One of the more complex aspects of relocation is the transfer of the employee’s household goods and personal effects. Selecting the right van line, at the best value, can be an arduous process.

    Summit is free from network obligations. We help you competitively select qualified proven and credible national and international van lines based on select criteria for service and cost. It is important to have a trusted team of select van lines available at secure deep discounted rates for your company. We encourage working with independent audit services to provide a check and balance and conflict free evaluation system. Audits check for policy compliance, correct rates, tariffs, weights, distance, and mathematical accuracy. This benefit provides cost saving benchmark information, reduces error, and can save your company thousands of dollars while maintaining top notch service.

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